Important Information about Summer Youth Programs

Parks & People Foundation continues to follow all recommendations for operating youth programs while adhering to social distancing guidelines. Therefore we will be offering our two summer programs – SuperKids Camp and Branches in a virtual format. Even though our programs will look a little different this summer, we are really excited to have the opportunity to continue our programming without interruption this year.


SuperKids Camp will be offered at no cost this year for six weeks, June 29 – August 7, at five virtual sites. Please register here!

For more information, check out our FAQ.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding SuperKids Camp, or need a refund for fees already paid, please contact Robyn Trayham, via Google Voice 443-219-7406 or


Branches will continue as a YouthWorks site from July 13 – August 14.

For more information, click here.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Branches please contact David Coyle, via Google Voice 443-470-9364 or

Baltimore inspires growth at the intersection of



Each day, we assemble with a unified purpose to continue increasing easy access for every child to find inspirational outdoor spaces and activities…
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Stand in the middle of a park. Close your eyes and listen for a few minutes.
What you hear is the collective energy of hundreds of people gathering to learn, share, and grow.
Families, students and teammates leave with confidence, new friendships and new skills.

Investment Numbers


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Baltimore city residents have access to beautiful parks and lively greenspaces in underserved communities.
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Percentage of students enrolled in 2024 SuperKids Camp that finished at or above grade level reading.
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Amount Parks & People has raised and re-invested in Baltimore parks, recreation, and environmental programs.


Darley Gateway Park is a .75 acre green space that for over two decades, had been vacant, only being used as a dumping ground and source of blight.

In Phase 1, amenities such as a community stage, new seating, a lush lawn for recreational opportunities, and stormwater planters and a bosque of trees that provides shade to new benches and chess tables were added. Planning for Phase 2 is underway.

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The 10th Annual Parks & People Foundation Picnic in the Park will be held Friday, September 25, 2024!

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“As Parks & People Foundation’s President & CEO, and as a native Baltimorean, it is my goal to give the children of my beloved city every chance to succeed. I know firsthand the transformative power of programs that embrace the talent and desire for learning within children and help them reach their potential.”

Franklin Lance

President & CEO

“My most memorable experience this season was being able to really experience proper teamwork and a good relationship with my teammates. Having a good, friendly competitive relationship with other teams. But the best experience has to be growing close to people and making connections I didn’t ever think I’d make.”


Middle Schools Sports Participant

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Branches Student

Branches Participant

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Blake Wrigley

Branches Team Leader


We cannot achieve our mission without the help and support of peple like you.
We offer a variety of opportunities for individuals and groups of all sizes,
abilities and interests to serve as a committed and caring volunteer.

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